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Below are some events and activities scheduled for the next couple of months.
Please note, however, that most of the activities of members and SANTEC news are shared through the SANTEC Email Discussion List or in the SANTEC collaboration site.
Join (there are no membership fees) and benefit!
Please us if you know of relevant events and activities regarding educational technology in developing environments.

2007 SANTEC Online Seminar Series

The online seminars take place regularly during ONE WEEK. There are normally some background materials to support the sharing of experiences and developing of concepts and ideas. Completed seminars become a resource for the community.

Further seminars in 2007 in the SANTEC collaboration site are:

  • Wikis for quality learning in developing contexts: Last week July 2007
  • Showcasing innovation by SANTEC members: Last week September 2007

The completed seminars in the 2007 Online Seminar Series, "Podcasting in e-learning" and "Blogs for quality learning in developing contexts" are now available as resources in the SANTEC collaboration site.

More details of this seminar and others to follow will be announced on the SANTEC eMail Discussion List and within the SANTEC collaboration site.

The Online Seminar Series commenced in August 2004.

SANTEC members are welcome to suggest topics in the relevant wiki in the SANTEC collaboration site.

2009 January  F2F Conference in Cape Town, South Africa 
A face-to-face SANTEC conference is planned for January 2009 in Cape Town South Africa. Please put it into your conference schedule! More details to follow ... 

2007/2008 Online Conferences

After the very successful e/merge 2004 - Blended Collaborative Learning in Southern Africa that concluded in July 2004, and e/merge 2006 Learning Landscapes in Southern Africa there are plans to run further e/merge this space...

Prospective members are welcome to learn more about us by attending an event.

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